December 18, 2010

Parents' Words of Wisdom


Good Heart Is Worth More Than Money

As government employees or in private firm you have to be fully committed to your work and make yourselves well worth the money you receive. If you work harder than you really ought to, that will be even better. Do not work just for the sake of earning salary or just to have it finished, but you must work to achieve good results.

Working harder than it is required means that working with good intention. Even though it seems they loose some of their valuable time, but they have performed their duty very well. These people are happy and have satisfaction in their job. This happiness is the essence of life, and it cannot be bought by money, but it can only be the result of your good heart.

People with good heart are those that are generous and their mind is free from jealousy. People without good heart do not have satisfaction in their job, and their mind is dry like a rice-field without water.

Train yourselves to be people with good heart, and do not feel that you are not on equal footing or not good at all. Remember that a good will always produces a true and long-lasting working cooperation, and in the long run good heart is worth much more than any amount of money.